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Exploring The Beauty School Sign Up Process

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4 Things Usual Customers Don't Know About Hair Cutting Shears

If you are the average customer at a salon, it is unlikely that you truly appreciate the importance of the stylist's primary tool: their scissors. You probably have scissors at home, and you may even have a pair specifically for trimming hair. But, chances are, you have no idea just how diverse hair cutting shears can be. Here is a quick look at a few interesting facts you may want to know as a regular salon customer when it comes to scissors and shears.

A good stylist may use several pairs of shears for one cut. 

You may not notice, but there is a pretty good possibility that your stylist will use more than one type of shears when they are giving you a haircut. There are an array of different shears, boasting different grips, blade lengths, and shapes, each with their own designated use. For example, your stylist may use a set of short-blade shears to trim around your ears and a pair of long-blade shears to chop the thicker hair around the back. 

Hair-cutting shears can be incredibly dangerous to use. 

The blades of most shears can be dangerously sharp. Therefore, you should never be surprised if your stylist accidentally nicks or slices their finger during a cut. This is actually one of the few job hazards that come along with being a stylist. In fact, if you pay careful attention to your stylist's fingers, you may even see a few scars because of the sharp blades. 

Not every hairstylist works best with the same type of shears. 

All hairstylists have their own methods for making various cuts and all will have different preferences when it comes to the shears they use. While some stylists will prefer shears that offer opposing grips, which give the stylist the ability to cut with the thumb and middle finger, other stylists may prefer crane grips, which reduce strain on the wrists and fingers during use. 

Hair cutting shears actually have a maintenance schedule. 

You might think that your stylist uses the same set of hair cutting shears indefinitely. However, these professional tools actually do have a maintenance schedule just like other tools and pieces of professional equipment. In fact, it is recommended that shears be sharpened about every 700 cuts just to ensure they are sharp enough to adequately perform. 

Next time you are making small talk with your hair stylist, share your new knowledge about hair cutting shears and ask what their preferences are.